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The Hofstra Labor and Employment Law Journal is accepting submissions for the Spring 2024 edition! 

As to indicia of our Journal’s quality, please allow me to discuss some of the Journal’s accomplishments.  The Journal publishes a compilation of articles written by some of the world's most prominent labor and employment law scholars and practitioners.  It is widely regarded as one of the premier authorities in the fields of labor and employment law as well as one of the preeminent specialty journals in the United States.   

Each year we publish two issues (Spring and Fall) and every few years host a symposium to which we invite the most prominent attorneys, government officials, judges and professors to speak about a given issue that is of timely importance.  One of our written symposium issues from years past included an introduction by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, with personal accounts from noteworthy discrimination plaintiffs Ann Hopkins and Beth Ann Faragher.  In the past, we had Wilma Liebman, former Chairman of the NLRB, speak at our annual banquet, and Chairman Liebman wrote the introduction to Volume 28, Issue 1 (Fall 2010) of the Journal.  

Additionally, we have published articles by William B. Gould IV, former Chairman of the NLRB, and Professor Vivian Berger of Columbia Law School.  We have also published works by Robert Lewis, co-founder of Jackson Lewis LLP, and Professor Robert Moberly, a nationally renowned arbitrator and Dean Emeritus at the University of Arkansas School of Law.    

This is an exciting time to publish with our Journal. You may submit a manuscript through Scholastica or send any manuscripts to:  laboremploymentlaw@hofstra.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you.  

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