How Can You Benefit from Publishers’ Efforts to Diversify Their Author Base?

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Traditionally, leading publishers have favored publishing books written by established academics in top universities. While much of this seminal research is critically important in laying the foundations in many fields, oftentimes potentially groundbreaking research from smaller universities or from underrepresented populations hasn’t been afforded the same opportunity to be seriously considered by leading publishers.

In recent years, the call for publishers to do a better job diversifying their author base and provide marginalized scholars with tools to succeed has grown increasingly stronger.  

Join us as we hear from Christie Henry, Director of Princeton University Press, about the unique opportunities available to you to realize your dream of publishing your research with a leading academic publisher, regardless of your institutional affiliation.

February 28 at 4:30 PM Israel time/ 2:30 PM GMT/ 9:30 AM EST on Zoom

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