IBAM 23 Conference

Posted by Scott Jeffrey, community karma 2637

Join us in Pittsburgh, PA  for IBAM 23, where we will gather to discuss, debate, and present our ideas about the future of behavioral and applied management!  Enjoy the beauty of Pittsburgh’s rivers, winding beneath dozens of bridges - more than any other city in the world except Venice. The city is home to more than 200 museums and art galleries, including the world famous Carnegie complex of museums and the funky Andy Warhol Museum. The cultural district features live theater, music and dance, including the world-famous Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Public Theater and the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

 Conference Theme:The Blending of Theory and Practice

Management researchers develop theories to inform practitioners of management.  But what if practitioners never read the articles researchers developed?  What would be the point of conducting the research?  And without research to inform practice, managers would be forced to rely on limited experience and hunches in making decisions.  Although experience and hunches do play a role, the best decisions are informed by research. 

about 9 years ago