Is the Scholar Points Graphic Really Necessary, or Even Desirable?

Posted by George Mocsary, community karma 847
Can the ridiculous Scholar Points graphic be removed from my home page?  I thought that this was a professional article-submission tool, not a Starbucks.
over 9 years ago


Eric Fish, community karma 9007
Please get rid of the "scholar points" thing.  It is childish and extremely unprofessional.  This isn't Farmville.
over 9 years ago
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Rob Walsh, community karma 1466

Thanks for the question! Here’s some background about Scholastica and the scholar points system:

Scholastica is more than a submission service - in fact, its goal is to be closer to a community who works together to make scholarship more collaborative and the speed of publication faster.

You'll find that not everyone who logs into Scholastica is an author submitting a manuscript - actually, among your fellow users are journal editors and reviewers across a myriad of disciplines (not just law).

Scholar points are Scholastica's way of letting users discover how much their fellow users have done in the community. Scholars can earn points by being reviewers, serving as editors, participating in The Conversation section of Scholastica, and submitting manuscripts. Currently points work like this:

  • Submitting a review: 100 points
  • Having a manuscript accepted for publication by a journal: 100 points
  • Submitting a manuscript to a journal: 20 points
  • Creating an individual user account on Scholastica: 25 points
  • Being invited to review a manuscript: 10 points
  • Having one of your questions or answers in the Conversation voted up: 10 points
  • Having one of your questions or answers in the Conversation voted down: -10 points
  • Asking a question or writing an answer in the Conversation: 2 points

We’re still in the nascent stages of developing how points are earned and integrated into the scholarly journal ecosystem on Scholastica, but we're looking forward to further developing the social aspects of Scholastica to further community engagement.

over 9 years ago
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