Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages (JNSL): Call for Submissions, Volume 49/1-2 (2023)

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Call for Submissions: Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages (JNSL) – Volume 49/1-2 (2023)

The Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages (JNSL) is currently accepting submissions for Volume 49/1-2 (2023). 

Submissions on linguistic, translational, literary, text-critical, historical, religious and cultural issues related to Ancient Near Eastern texts and societies, as well as articles addressing theoretical issues underlying these fields will be considered.

JNSL is an accredited South African journal publishing independently peer reviewed research articles on the Ancient Near East. As part of the peer review policy all contributions are refereed before publication by scholars who are recognised as experts in the particular field of study.

Submissions should be made via Scholastica ( and include a cover letter. Please take note of our house rules ( and also on Scholastica).

Please send any questions to

We look forward to reviewing your submissions for Volume 49/1-2 (2023).

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