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Posted by Brian Cody, community karma 164192

Wanted to share this post, which is a data-driven look into the yearly legal scholarship cycle. Would love to hear thoughts/questions!

almost 9 years ago

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Rob Walsh, community karma 1466
A commenter by the name of Sarah Lawsky posted a spreadsheet in the Angsting Thread, Fall 2015 edition that she invites other prawfs to use to keep track of journal acceptances and rejections. The document also calculates days to rejection.
She offers it as an improvement to tracking the same information as a series of ad-hoc blog comments. For context, prawfs posts comments in the Angsting Thread that might be information about an acceptance or rejection (or they might be about something totally random). Also, this data is completely unstructured – with no regular input like date, time, or formatit would be time intensive to go through the 25+ pages of comments every year to clean up that data and present it in a meaningful way.

A mass-editable spreadsheet definitely seems like an communicative enhancement to me. There's nothing more that I enjoy than seeing internet-based cooperation.
almost 9 years ago
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