Law Reviews passing your paper to another journal to make an offer

Posted by Mark Lemley, community karma 25879
I have twice now submitted a paper to mainstream law review, only to have the paper "accepted" by an online supplement to which I did not submit it.  Presumably this was instead of consideration by the print journal?  Is this happening to anyone else?  I must say it bugs me.  Presumably I can't say in response "well, you can't have that paper, but I've decided to publish a different paper you didn't review with you."  But that's sure what it feels like they are doing.  
over 7 years ago
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David Kaye, community karma 4347
Yes. In one instance, it was just a request -- We don't want it, but we liked it it, and would I be willing to have the online dep't consider it? I said I felt a print version would be more appropriate, but I would be willing consider an offer for online publication. I heard nothing more. The other time, however, I simply received the online offer as a result of the regular submission. And I took it because the essay concerned breaking events. 
over 7 years ago
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