Legal Authors: What would your ideal submission period look like?

Posted by Cory Schires, community karma 1465

As the spring legal submission period begins, 'angsting threads' appear on legal blogs and the Redyip twitter account becomes a flutter with jokes about submission season.

I'd like to ask legal authors: what would your 'ideal' submission period look like?

Consider some of these questions that I've heard from legal authors over the past few months:

  • would you rather get very quick rejections or get all the decisions at one time?
  • would all law reviews open at the same time?
  • would manuscripts all go into a single repository and journals fight amongst themselves for the best work?
  • would anonymity be preferred, or would school, cv, and submission history have more weight?
  • would there be a limit to the number of law journals a manuscript can be submitted to?
  • would non-student reviewers be more incorporated into the process?
  • would expedited decision requests be eliminated altogether?
  • would publication offer deadlines be able to be extended?


Rob Walsh, community karma 1466
I've always wondered why all the reviews don't open at the same time – it seems like one pain point for authors is knowing this. Anyone have a short history of why this is?
over 8 years ago
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Amy Moore, community karma 5497
Most schools only pay for so many submissions and it's almost impossible to know what individual schools are looking for in an article. It would be nice to have all the work out there in a repository and have journals select which ones they want.
over 8 years ago
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Liviu Damsa, community karma 73
Amy, and how the schools would select, if we have a common repository with, saying 5-10,000 articles at any given time? By running a google type search? And how one could establish the key words for such a search? My point is that having an "editor" reading a manuscript is a non replaceable way to select manuscripts for publication. Of course, this "method" is time intensive and far from perfect, since personal preferences wary greatly, but choosing the manuscripts to look at via a google type search looks to me far worst.
about 8 years ago
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