Less than a month to apply for a position on the editorial board. (Experience not required but preferred). Who is interested?

Posted by Eugene Nulman, community karma 39



Cathryn Miller-Wilson, community karma 47

I might be interested. The journal looks very interesting. I just joined Scholastica so my profile is not updated, what information do you need to make the application and what are the details of the job description?

over 11 years ago
I'm excited that you're interested in Contention Cathryn! Connecting scholars is what the Conversation is all about!
Rob Walsh – over 11 years ago
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Rob Walsh, community karma 1466

Hi Eugene,

I took a look at Contention. Great job!

I've got a few questions that might be helpful to others.

  1. How do you incentivize editors to join the editorial board?
  2. What sort of challenges have you experienced setting up a new journal?
over 11 years ago
Thanks Rob. The editorial board would be participating in new journal that's really setting its sights on being as multidisciplinary as possible and reaching out to those who are interested in the topic from a wide variety of fields. Peer reviewers and associate editors at Contention won't have the kind of hectic schedule that some other journals have because we try to have a board large enough to refrain from the overload of work that other journal editors are sometimes faced with. So far the process has gone very smoothly and we expect our first issue to come out soon. All the latest can be found here: http://contentionjournal.org/
Eugene Nulman – over 11 years ago
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Eugene Nulman, community karma 39

Hi Cathryn,
All the information can be found here:  http://contentionjournal.org/callboard/ 

but to summarize, what we are looking for is a CV/resume and cover letter which explains your interests (and previous experience, if any). 
What we are really looking for is people that will be able to assess the worthiness of an article written close to their field, finding relevant peer reviewers and summarizing those reviews.   At the moment we are working on the first issues of the journal, including several special issues.  If you are interested please email info@contentionjournal.org with your CV and a short cover letter.  


over 11 years ago
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