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Posted by Sylvester Arrey, community karma 137
Mine is rather a question. I read something on my profile from an unknown source that put a little smile on my face as I tried to understand what it meant. It says: Community Karma: 125. What's the meaning and why did it appear as part of my profile? Anyone with an answer should kindly help me connect.


Brian Cody, community karma 164992
This articles outlines what karma is:

Glad it put a smile on your face!
over 6 years ago
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Pamela Izvanariu, community karma 9107

Scholastica provides the following description of community Karma. The boost in your karma score is a result of your submission, review, and conversation activity on the website. 


Scholastica Karma is a way to publicly show how scholars both participate in and give back to the scholarly community through their actions in Scholastica. Through a user's Karma score, journal editors and other scholars in Scholastica are able to see how active scholars are within the scholarly user community.

Here are a couple of examples that show the benefits of earning Karma:

  1. Scholars who help push scholarship forward by accepting invitations to peer-review for journals and completing these reviews are rewarded with Karma. As they amass Karma over time, other scholars are able to see that this person has done work to further peer-reviewed knowledge and is an active participant in the Scholastica community.

  2. As scholars have discussions in the Conversation and earn Karma by having their content voted up by fellow scholars, the community can then begin to gauge this particular scholar's esteem amongst their peers in Scholastica. When editors search for new peer reviewers, they are then able to use a scholar's Karma score as a proxy of this scholar's potential as a peer reviewer.

How do I earn Karma?

TaskKarma value
Submitting a review+100
Having a manuscript accepted for publication by a journal+100
Submitting a manuscript to a journal+20
Being invited to review a manuscript+10
Having one of your questions or answers in the Conversation voted up+10
Having one of your questions or answers in the Conversation voted down-10
Creating an individual user account on Scholastica+25
about 6 years ago
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