May I follow you in scholastica, please?

Posted by Abdessamad MOUZOUNE, community karma 125

The “raison d’être” of Scholastica is to make managing an academic journal better and faster. But the introductory page of the site to add :”It provides an academic ecosystem around the activities that scholars do in real life — peer review new ideas, decide which to publish, and discuss new ideas to push knowledge ever forward.”

To discuss new ideas that may push knowledge forward, Scholastica sustains “The convesation” while allowing members to “browse scholars”. Suppose I visited your profile page and was very interested in your publications, your domain of expertise or ideas you exchanged within some conversations, I’ll have to visit frequently your profile for updates. Automatically “Following “ each other would enhance exchange and emergence of ideas , collaborative research or co-authoring. In sum, that would break isolation, wouldn’t it?


Brian Cody, community karma 143232

Great idea! This is something we've been talking a little about, but would love some input. I hate to answer a question with a question, but what sort of outcome would you ideally want from following somebody? A few ideas are:

  • Receive email updates of new publications, questions, and answers for someone you're following
  • Have a stream on your Scholastica dashboard of recent updates to people you follow
  • Monthly updates of all the activity of people you're following
over 10 years ago
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Abdessamad MOUZOUNE, community karma 125

Brian Cody : “This is something we've been talking a little about…”
Thanks Dear Brian for your question-reply.
First and about what I’ve just quoted here, I don’t know why Scholastica’ stuff are leading a great professional work while constraining themselves by a kind of “prudence principle”! Indeed the idea of following updates has started with the starting of social networks since it’s the main “gene” that enables spectacular evolution of the net!
Now to answer, you direct multifold question, I would say all! The aim is to enable emergence of ideas within the scope of Scholartica.
All the best,

over 10 years ago
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