NYU Environmental Law Journal - Call for Submissions Spring 2020

Posted by Laura Sabia, community karma 31

Call for Submissions: NYU Environmental Law Journal invites submissions for publication in our final issue of Volume 28, to be published in Spring 2020.

Each issue of the NYU Environmental Law Journal (ELJ) features discourse on both practical and theoretical issues in the field of environmental law and policy, as well as its intersections with other disciplines such as property, land use, constitutional, international, criminal, and corporate law. ELJ was founded in 1991 by students and alumni interested in furthering scholarship in the evolving field of environmental law. Since its inception, ELJ has become one of the leading environmental law journals in the nation.

ELJ publishes pieces that reveal and analyze the intersection of society, nature and science, and the field of environmental law has served as a catalyst for policy innovation and experimentation. The Journal offers the historical, sociological, ethical, institutional, and scientific insights necessary for scholars and practitioners to better understand the foundations of environmental law. 

A non-exclusive list of recently featured topics includes: climate change legal doctrines, off-shore drilling and executive action, sustainability and energy policy, and environmental justice. 

Articles can be submitted through Scholastica or by e-mail and must include a cover letter and curriculum vitae with each submission. Please note that ELJ has a policy against publishing external student notes.

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!