NYU's Journal of Law and Liberty accepting submissions for 14.2

Posted by George Bogden, community karma 39

NYU's Journal of Law and Liberty (JLL) is currently accepting submissions for Volume 14, Issue 2. JLL is the nation’s premiere student-edited law journal dedicated to the critical exploration of classical liberal ideas. To that end, the Journal provides a forum for the debate of textualist, originalist, conservative, libertarian, and heterodox legal thought from both theoretical and practical standpoints. We invite submissions in any of these areas, including scholarship based on critiques from competing or contrasting areas of research.

Since 2005, the Journal has featured works from scholars including Jonathan Adler, Rachel Barkow, Randy Barnett, Will Baude, Evan Bernick, David Bernstein, Josh Blackman, Steven Calabresi, Viet Dinh, Richard Epstein, Barry Friedman, Douglas Ginsburg, Daniel Hulsebosch, Aziz Huq, Samuel Issacharoff, Gary Lawson, Michael McConnell, Thomas W. Merrill, Liam Murphy, Forrest Nabors, Clark Neily, Burt Neuborne, Michael Stokes Paulsen, Richard Pildes, Richard Posner, Jack Rakove, Michael B. Rappaport, Mario Rizzo, Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, Ilya Shapiro, Catherine Sharkey, Timothy Sandefur, Ilya Somin, Jeffrey Sutton, Seth Barrett Tillman, and Eugene Volokh.

We greatly respect our authors' engagement with our core research agenda in their academic and professional lives. For the fastest review, please email the manuscript as a word document to JLL's Editor-in-Chief, George Bogden (george.bogden@nyu.edu), with the abstract pasted in the email message. 

Thank you and we look forward to reading your submissions.