Open Data Going Mainstream -

Posted by Rob Walsh, community karma 1466
For those who don't know, FiveThirtyEight is a site, originally a blog by Nate Silver, where he would post data-driven observations about things ranging from baseball to predictions about the presidential races. He's probably known more for the latter than the former.

Eventually, he moved the blog over to ESPN as a full site that covers politics, sports, and more through the lens of statistical analysis.

Did you know that shares the data behind their articles publicly? 

For example, if you're curious about whether or not "Sitting Presidents Give Way More Commencement Speeches Than They Used To" you can see the original dataset for yourself here.

One of the great things about using the internet to publish scholarly knowledge is that it's so easy to share datasets along with articles. Isn't it exciting to see OpenData going more mainstream?

Editors, don't forget that you can publish data along with your articles here on Scholastica! The figures/files appear right along with the article. Here's an example!

about 8 years ago