Papers invited for the journal Nature Environment and Pollution Technology

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Journal Nature Environment and Pollution Technology is inviting research papers for the upcoming issues. The papers can be submitted online on the website or can be sent to

For more details on the format of the manuscript please visit the website of the journal.
Once the paper is accepted, it will undergo a peer review process and then published in the issue as communicated to the author.

Generally it takes around 9 months to 1 year for the paper to be published. But the acceptance letter will be provided within 2-3 weeks time from the date of submission.
The Journal Publishes papers on the following aspects.
• Monitoring, control and management of air, water, soil and noise pollution
• Solid waste management
• Industrial hygiene and occupational health
• Biomedical aspects of pollution
• Toxicological studies
• Radioactive pollution and radiation effects
• Wastewater treatment and recycling etc.
• Environmental modelling
• Biodiversity and conservation
• Dynamics and behaviour of chemicals in environment
• Natural resources, wildlife, forests and wetlands etc.
• Environmental laws and legal aspects
• Any other topic related to environment
Frequency of the journal
The  Journal  is  published  quarterly  in  the  months  of  March,  June, September  and  December  every  year.
Special features
•  Book Reviews
•  Environmental News
•  List of  Conferences/Symposia/Workshops, etc.
•  Special reports on environment
•  New environmental  technologies
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