Rutgers International Law & Human Rights Journal: Call for Submissions Fall '21 and Spring '22

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The Rutgers International Law & Human Rights Journal (ILHRJ) is pleased to invite the submission of articles for the upcoming Fall 2021 digital issue and Spring 2022 peer-reviewed print issue.

In a year marked by a global pandemic, extensive economic disruption, structural racism, increased exposure to violence, and food insecurity, systemic failures that existed long before the pandemic have drastically exacerbated. In addition, the impacts of climate change, threats of nuclear proliferation and cyber warfare, as well as social, technological, and political challenges, continue to pose severe risks at regional and a global scale. International law and human rights law requires governments to take affirmative steps to protect the rights of all people. How can international law help regional or multinational institutions overcome some of the biggest global challenges and strengthen human rights?

ILHRJ endeavors to publish high-quality scholarship that centers the perspectives of underrepresented groups in today’s most consequential legal discussions. For our Fall 2021 digital issue, we are seeking shorter submissions that are more of an extended essay, in nature, that do not exceed 8,000 words, excluding footnotes. All submissions are due no later than August 20, 2021.

For our Spring 2022 peer-reviewed publication, the ILHRJ welcomes diverse contributions focused on one or more subject matter areas, such as international humanitarian law and security, trade and investment, public and private power, environmental law, air and space law, international maritime law, and the development of international institutions. Submissions should not exceed 25,000 words, including footnotes. All submissions are due no later than October 1, 2021.

To submit an article for consideration, please send it to us through Scholastica, but if you cannot do so, please submit to our email: You can also contact us at that email for questions. In your submission, please state whether your submission should be considered for our fall or spring publication.

Visit our website for submission guidelines:

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Rutgers International Law & Human Rights Journal
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