Spartan Medical Research Journal Volume 9 Issue 1 now available online!

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#Latest issue of Spartan Medical Research Journal (Volume 9, Issue 1) has been published online!

The latest edition of the Spartan Medical Research Journal (SMRJ) is a special issue publishing abstracts from the First Annual Research Day hosted by the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM), held in Novi, Michigan, on May 15, 2023. Sponsored by MSUCOM, the Statewide Campus System (SCS), and Research, Innovation, and Scholarly Engagement (RISE), this event showcased a total of 139 selected research abstracts following a meticulous blinded review by the MSUCOM Research Day Planning Committee and SMRJ editorial staff. These abstracts were subsequently presented at the MSUCOM First Annual Research Day in 2023, with awards for exceptional oral and poster presentations conferred on May 15, 2023. Of the 139 presentations that were ultimately chosen, 45 authors consented and elected to have their abstracts published in SMRJ. The abstracts from 2023 encompass a wide array of contemporary medical and clinical subjects, incorporating a variety of research designs that cover basic science, clinical research, case reports, medical education, and quality improvement. While abstracts offer concise overview of research projects or presentations, they do not permit a comprehensive evaluation of the scientific rigor employed in the respective works. Although these abstracts offer preliminary results that may necessitate further refinement and validation, they serve a vital function in disseminating novel research concepts and advancements in the discipline of medicine. This knowledge-sharing promotes meaningful dialogue among researchers, clinicians, and educators, thereby making a valuable contribution to the collective body of knowledge in the fields of medical sciences and osteopathic medicine.

1. Abstracts From the First Annual Research Day Hosted by the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Novi, Michigan, May 15, 2023. Download:

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