SPECIAL ISSUE CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: California Western Law Review's Spring 2017 edition--On the Border: A Legal Survey of the Southwest

Posted by Jake Novack, community karma 41

California Western Law Review is excited to invite submissions for its special spring issue. Entitled On the Border: A Legal Survey of the Southwest, the edition intends to seize upon California Western’s close proximity to the southern border to highlight the myriad legal issues impacting our region.

While we are interested in showcasing new and innovative scholarship on immigration and criminal issues, we also hope to incorporate a more holistic view of the legal terrain of San Diego and the Southwest. Accordingly, we encourage submissions that address environmental and Native American law; legal developments in biotechnology and intellectual property; military and trade issues; and any other topic that might help illuminate the legal dynamism of San Diego and the Southwest. 

Submissions from all members of the intellectual community are welcome; our Spring 2017 issue hopes to feature members of the bench, the bar, and the academy. 

If you have an article you would like to submit, please email California Western Law Review with a copy of your manuscript and your CV at lawreview@cwsl.edu, with the subject line “Spring 2017 Special Issue.”

If you would like additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Jake Novack, Editor-in-Chief of California Western Law Review, at janovack@law.cwsl.edu.

We look forward to your submissions!