Special Recall for Submissions to the Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law Vol 30.4

Posted by Senior Articles Editor, community karma 137

Dear Law Professors and Legal Practitioners,

As the Senior Articles Editor for the American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy, and the Law, I am eager to inform you that we are currently accepting article submissions for publication in our upcoming issues. All topics for submission for our next four issues are welcome, however we are highly interested in pieces regarding anti-discrimination law or legal recourse for unique forms of discrimination for our 30.4 issue. The Journal is interested in novel takes on traditional discrimination as well as new applications of traditional discrimination law.  

The Journal of Gender, Social Policy, and the Law was one of the first legal publications dedicated to addressing issues of gender and women's issues. Shortly after its establishment in 1992, the Journal expanded it's name to include social policy to address the broad range of topics that were being published in the Journal. This publication has derived into social justice issues since its inception and we look forward to working with new authors to address the most current and prevalent issues of our time. Washington and Lee Law Review rankings have placed American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy & the Law as one of the top-cited legal periodicals in the U.S. and selected non-U.S. regions in the subject area of Social Policy, Gender, Sexuality and the Law.

You may submit your article for consideration either by email to gl-articles@wcl.american.edu, or through sites such as ExpressO, Scholastica, etc. Please note we do not accept articles written by current law students. We look for articles that present new arguments or perspectives about timely legal issues primarily in U.S. laws, or have some sort of nexus to U.S. law (comparative sections are acceptable). We prefer pieces that are around 15,000 words and include at least 150 footnotes. Generally, we evaluate articles depending on many factors, including: the strength of the argument, novelty, complexity, policy considerations, and making sure that the overall topic(s) falls within the Journal’s subject area.

We look forward to receiving your article submission. 


Sumra Wahid