Special Symposium Issue: Credit Nation (Yale Journal of Law and Humanities)

Posted by Allen Y. Xu, community karma 51
Special Symposium Issue: Credit Nation

In addition to our regular fall issue, The Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities will be publishing a special symposium issue inspired by the themes of Claire Priest's Credit Nation: Property Laws and Institutions in Early America. We are accepting outside submissions for this special issue until 5 p.m. ET on June 21st.

We welcome articles on the following themes:
  1. The history of property and its relation to commerce and the economy
  2. Property and slavery
  3. Colonial/founding era politics and institutions
  4. The institutional foundations of capitalism
Authors should submit their work in a Microsoft Word document with double-spaced text to yjlh@yale.edu with the subject line: Credit Nation Symposium Submission. All symposium submissions will be peer-reviewed, and accepted authors will be invited to the Zoom event currently scheduled for September 17th.

Please reach out to yjlh@yale.edu for any questions or submissions.