Stanford Law & Policy Review Call for Submissions: Spring Edition & Symposium

Posted by Brian Erickson, community karma 3677

On May 2, 2020, the Stanford Law and Policy Review will host its annual Symposium. This year's topic is “Labor, Employment, and the Future of Work.” The conference will examine the legal and policy underpinnings of today’s labor market, and how lawyers, entrepreneurs, and activists are working to create an economy that works for everyone. The broad ambit of our Symposium will allow speakers to examine issues from the state of the gig economy and the viability of freelance work to union organizing and the increased prevalence of mandatory arbitration. The Symposium will include keynote speakers and expert panelists from various industries discussing automation, the gig economy, worker power, and workplace equity. We look forward to a lively discussion of hot-button issues such as AB-5 in California, the FAIR Act, and the Supreme Court cases regarding the fate of employment protections for LGBTQ workers under Title VII.

In anticipation of the symposium, we are accepting law and policy scholarship addressing current issues in labor and employment. Selected symposium Articles may be offered the opportunity to publish in the 2020 edition of the Stanford Law & Policy Review.

Additionally, please note that the Stanford Law & Policy Review continues to accept general submissions for its Spring 2020 issue. For more information, please see our website or email Lead Articles Editor Brian Erickson at