The George Washington Law Review Is Now Accepting Submissions

Posted by Kelley Pettus, community karma 27
The George Washington Law Review is now accepting submissions for Volume 87. 

The George Washington Law Review is a law review edited and published by students at the George Washington University Law School that examines legal issues of national significance. The review was established in 1932 and publishes six issues each year, containing scholarly articles, essays, and student notes.

Please include an abstract and CV with your submission. We strongly prefer submissions of no more than 30,000 words. We look forward to reviewing your manuscripts!

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Diana Imbert, community karma 27
Hello Kelley, 

Is this an option for individuals who attend other law schools? If so, which email is best to send an abstract and CV? '

over 6 years ago
Ms. Imbert, There are no limits on who may submit an article. You can submit your article on Scholastica or directly to Best, Kelley
Kelley Pettus – over 6 years ago
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