The Scholastica Law Review Submissions Center: Fall 2015

Posted by Rob Walsh, community karma 1466
The Scholastica Team has put together a central repository of helpful materials for law review authors called The Scholastica Law Review Submissions Center: Fall 2015.

It contains:

  • An auto-updating, up to the minute table of which law reviews are open and closed
  • Submission instructions and tips on how to do common activities like submitting to law reviews by category, sending expedites, etc.
  • Our Submissions Data Insights post
  • A "best of list" of helpful submission season blog posts
  • and more!
We hope you find these resources helpful!

Happy submissions!

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Roseanna Sommers, community karma 1877
These are great ideas. I have a suggestion. The table would be more helpful if there were an option to sort by when the law review opened for submissions. That way we could quickly check whether any new journals have opened up since we last visited the site. 
about 7 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion Roseanna! I'll bring your suggestion to the rest of the team for the Spring submission period.
Rob Walsh – about 7 years ago
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