UCLA Criminal Justice Law Review - Call for Submissions: Volume 8 (Spring 2024)

Posted by Peter Nyberg, community karma 1287

The UCLA Criminal Justice Law Review (CJLR) is seeking submissions for publication in Volume 8 from law students, academics, policymakers, practitioners, advocates, activists, and people who have been impacted by the criminal legal system. The CJLR Articles Team highly encourages student-written submissions for publication, including those written for an independent study, papers for upper-division seminars, and other works not written for credit. We are currently reviewing submissions, and therefore encourage authors to submit pieces as soon as possible as we make offers of publication on a rolling basis.

The Criminal Justice Law Review focuses on current topics in criminal law, policy, and practice. We seek to develop forward-thinking discourse on criminal justice by publishing articles, editorials, interviews, and nontraditional pieces from all those who have been impacted by the system or seek to understand and improve it. Accordingly, we invite submissions from a diverse range of contributors. CJLR publishes traditional full-length works of legal analysis as well as other non-academic student-written works. There is no page minimum or limit for consideration. CJLR's published works are made available on both HeinOnline as well as Lexis.

CJLR’s Annual Symposium

This year, CJLR will co-host its annual symposium—alongside the UCLA Law Criminal Justice Program, the ACLU, Detention Watch Network, the Sentencing Project, and Vera Institute of Justice—on the topic Decarceral Visions. This conference is designed to convene organizers and practitioners to address important questions that come up in the work to close or prevent the construction of jails, prisons, and immigration detention centers. Accordingly, we are especially interested in publishing works that pertain to the issue of decarceration, though we encourage and accept submissions on any issues which advance discourse in the field of criminal justice.

More information on the Decarceral Visions Conference can be found by visiting the conference website at https://www.aclu.org/decarceralvisions.

More Information

Please contact UCLA CJLR at cjlr@lawnet.ucla.edu for more information about this call for papers.