UDC Law Review - Call for Submissions (Spring 2022)

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The University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law ("UDC Law Review") is seeking articles for publication for its Spring 2022 Volume.

The UDC Law Review aspires to serve the legal community by raising awareness of important legal issues, specifically of social concern. Due to its unique position as the journal for the only public law school in the District of Columbia, the UDC Law Review takes pride in publishing articles which address legal issues concerning the District of Columbia, the National Capital Region, and the United States.

UDC Law Review 2021-2022 is: (1) highlighting the historical connection between laws and policies and current structural discrimination in the United States; and (2) identifying the changes needed in various areas of law and policy including, but not limited to: housing, medical, criminal and juvenile justice, mass incarceration, education, and more. UDC Law Review's current theme is "Structural Discrimination" and we are welcoming submissions from professors, practitioners, and other scholars that address the "Structural Discrimination" trend in social justice. 

Due to our capability of publishing on a rolling basis, we accept submissions via email and through Scholastica. Please email the submission to: lawreview@udc.edu. For Scholastica submissions, please direct any follow-up questions regarding submission requirements to lawreview@udc.edu. Our availability to publish electronically will have your article ready for publication by April 2022 (*pending a signed and executed Law Review/Author Agreement).

PLEASE NOTE: UDC Law Review can expedite the review of a submitted Article if the author is facing strict response deadlines by other journals that have already accepted the Article. To request an expedited review, please e-mail the Law Review at lawreview@udc.edu and include “Request for Expedited Review: TITLE OF ARTICLE” in the subject heading. Please also provide the titles of journals that have accepted the article, as well as the deadline provided by each journal.

We look forward to your submissions!