Update from the Southern California Review of Law & Social Justice

Posted by Nga Do, community karma 37
The Southern California Review of Law and Social Justice (RLSJ) at the USC Gould School of Law is still accepting professional articles for our forthcoming Vol. 31 Winter and Spring issues. Student submissions are now closed.

Given the finals period, we'll be pausing our review process until May 12th. However, we encourage all interested authors to still submit their work. We look forward to returning to our reviews on May 13th.

RLSJ publishes legal narratives and analyses that address the law's interaction with historically underrepresented groups and highlights the law's potential as an instrument of positive social change. These narratives and analyses often borrow perspectives from a wide range of disciplines. Please submit your article on Scholastica or via email to rlsj@lawmail.usc.edu with an abstract and CV. We look forward to reviewing your submissions. Thank you!

Nga Do
Southern California Review of Law & Social Justice, Vol. 31
almost 3 years ago