Washington Law Review - Early Exclusive Submissions Open

Posted by Corinne Sebren, community karma 9279
Washington Law Review's Early Exclusive Submission Track is now open!

We will accept exclusive manuscript submissions between now and January 24th at 11:59pm PST. For all articles exclusively submitted by that time, WLR will provide a publication decision by January 30, 2021. WLR will not accept exclusive submissions after January 24, 2021.

To avoid confusion, we have temporarily removed ourselves from the law review submissions pool and will return to it when we begin accepting non-exclusive submissions on January 25th. 

WLR is particularly interested in submissions from scholars of color, submissions that address legal issues facing historically marginalized communities, and submissions that discuss legal issues specific to the Pacific Northwest and the Ninth Circuit.

Given the particular stressors of the COVID pandemic on scholars of color and women, WLR is encouraging shorter essay submissions in addition to traditional law review articles. While law review articles often situate themselves within existing research, essays start new conversations and are more conversational and theoretical than traditional articles. WLR prefers essay submissions of 8,000 to 12,000 words, and article submissions that contain fewer than 30,000 words.

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Joshua Kastenberg, community karma 14009
Since the Scholastica portal is closed, does this mean the submissions are also closed (for exclusive submissions)?
over 3 years ago
Hi Professor Kastenberg, Apologies for the confusion! We have temporarily withdrawn from the law review submissions pool, but our direct portal is still open for exclusive submissions through January 24, 2021. Here's a link to our "For Authors" page on Scholastica, which has a "Submit Manuscript" button: https://washington-law-review.scholasticahq.com/for-authors We will re-join the law review submissions pool on January 25, when we open for general, non-exclusive submissions. Please let us know if you have any further questions! Jennifer Chief Articles Editor, WLR
Jennifer Seely – over 3 years ago
Thank you so very much for your answer.
Joshua Kastenberg – over 3 years ago
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