What bibliography software do you use to save online article refs?

Posted by Brian Cody, community karma 163552

I was wondering what software other people use to import citation? I'd especially like to know how easy it is to import an article's citation data from the screen where you actually read the article (if it's an embedded PDF or HTML version of the article). I normally see a link to "Save to citation manager" and go through a multi-step process to export and save the corrrect format, and was wondering if anyone has experienced a better one-step process for saving references?

I've used Zotero for a while and like the option to save a snapshot of a page if there isn't an RIS export option, and it also uses the same extension as Mendeley, Bookends, Reference Manager, etc. Anyone have another recommendation?

almost 12 years ago

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Gordon Douglas, community karma 549

I don't have a useful suggestion for you - I'm still a manual citation and bibliography keeper for some reason. I flirted with endnote for a while, but it just didn't take, and every time I look into other ones I am confronted by the same discouraging feeling - that it's somehow "too late" and I'd have to spend more time than it's worth not only learning a new interface, but actually tediously filling in any program's inborn bibliographical database component-by-component with all the stuff that I already have laid out happily in existing reference lists.

However, I am now (again) seriously considering making the transition, because I guess I've admitted to myself that it will only get harder to switch the longer I wait, and ultimately it is silly not be using something made for this (especially for online research). In particular, I've been looking at Zotero... You say you've used it Brian, I'd be very curious to hear what you think, and whether you've now tried any of the other options you mention since you posted this?

over 11 years ago
Just wanted to add that I've now been using Zotero for a little over a week, and generally have positive things to say about. Only downside is that importing stuff from existing bibliographies in other formats (e.g. word .doc) isn't really supported. But for tracking web refs and embedded online citation data (per your original question Brian) it's great.
Gordon Douglas – over 11 years ago
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