Call for interest, Yordan Radev, "Thoughts on Distributed Communications e-Cash Settlement Systems"

Posted by Yordan Radev, community karma 111

Dear all,

I'm working on a new scientific paper to share my thoughts on Distributed Communications e-Cash Settlement Systems, refining a compilation of previous research performed by Paul Baran, BIS, IMF, ECB, Bitcoin, Libra Association, mapping their achievements and ideas, and re-organizing them into specific, concrete, and also fundamental, theoretical and practical economic, financial, and legal concepts. 

My strategy is initial publication of my working document comprising approx. 10-15,000 words. 

In the longer run this working paper could be developed into a more comprehensive analysis of the theoretical and practical aspects relating to the subject matter. 

For the work on the book, I would greatly appreciate if I could develop an in-depth research in a team with other interested co-authors, scholars, universities, research institutes, etc. to make a really serious collective effort to develop (update) such economic theory.

Looking forward to publishing this work soon!


Yordan Radev, community karma 111
The evolution of the idea about money in finance and system governance
New data resources get created (invented), together with autonomous and independent distributed communications e-cash financial systems for discovery, division, distribution, traceability, storage, and control over endogenous and exogenous money supply in new forms of monetary aggregates and new classes of financial instruments, denominated in:

  1. Exogenous trustless/permissioned money supply of private currencies like bitcoin, libra, etc.
  2. Central bank digital currencies (CBDC).
  3. IMF's currency basket SDRs, and etc. 

almost 5 years ago
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Dafan Zhang, community karma 27
Hi Yordan,

I have previously researched, published, and practiced in the blockchain/DLT/Crypto field. I might be interested in contributing or co-authoring a working paper, research report, or a book. I would love to learn more about the project.
Additionally, I am leading a student research project this school year on the topic of potential of DLT/Crypto systems in cross-boarder transactions in third world economies. There is probably some synergy there.


almost 5 years ago
Dear Dafan, Thank you for your letter. I'm an independent researcher, and the paper I'm drafting makes an attempt to outline my major findings about the emerging new standard of electronic money, based on distributed communications over the Internet and its data exchange mechanism. The topic is really enormous, and this paper will more likely be just an initial take on the subject matter. It is interesting to consider Bitcoin as an experiment that has successfully demonstrated that there could be working alternatives/upgrades not only to/for bank money, but also to the entire system of political and economic governance. However, I'm trying also to outline certain pitfall in this newborn technological concept, drawing on my theoretical and practical training in finance, accounting, law. I have got really tired of reading lobbied and self-complacent working papers of exaggerated praise or hatred towards this technology. Some working papers (incl. those published by public institutions like ECB, BIS, FED, IMF, etc.) focus too much on technical details, and they rarely analyse fundamental theoretical premises, incl. economic theory and philosophy. More importantly, they also try to develop new terminology and definitions that further confuse people, when economics, finance and accounting certainly have the capacity to describe this new phenomenon consistently in an unbiased and concise way. In short, the project is an independent one, I am working on it pro bono, as I take it as a personal intellectual challenge. I also make an attempt to outline my private understanding developed in the past years on a working paper. While I must admit that my work will certainly have imperfections, I hope it may help the development of more consistent theoretical explanation and motivation of the pros and cons of the emerging autonomous financial system and its technology. I'm interested in peer-review and publication of the work. Co-authorship could also be of help, and it could be organized in different ways. Either by inputs in the present paper, and/or by developing the present work into Working Series that may eventually take the form of a theory (and practice). You may take a snapshot look at my thoughts over here: Best regards, Yordan
Yordan Radev – almost 5 years ago
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