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About Me

FESLR’s purpose is to further the educational and professional mission of the University and UF Law, primarily through the timely publication of a student-run legal journal, known publicly as the Florida Entertainment and Sports Law Review and frequently known as FESLR. Specifically, FESLR is committed to providing itself as a practical resource to professionals in the entertainment and sports industries, who are in or interested in obtaining legal, JD-advantage, and business roles, as well as students and other interested parties. FESLR will be a primary resource for relevant writings that highlight topical industry news and unearth the complexity of deep-rooted industry issues through the lens of entertainment and sports attorneys, executives, and law students. FESLR’s mission is for practitioners to apply the article takeaways to their daily work, depending on their industry and role, and to educate the masses on the depth of the ever-evolving entertainment and sports industries’ intersection with law and policy. 


  • Darren Heitner, Hayes Rule, Rebekah Griggs, Nichelle Womble, and Stewart Brumbeloe, “Inaugural Issue: Volume I, Issue I,” Florida Entertainment and Sports Law Review, January 2022.
  • Danielle Lyn, Ryan Hilbert, Josh Levey, and Alex Dubur, “A Different Perspective on Entertainment & Sports: Volume I, Issue II,” Florida Entertainment & Sports Law Review, April 2022.
  • Stacey Lantagne, Michael Park, and Alyssa Rodriguez, “Volume II, Issue I,” Florida Entertainment & Sports Law Review, November 2022.
  • Mark Blankenship, Michaela Kluska, and Raina Desai. (Featuring career spotlights on Len Brown, Emily Lekahal, Brian Mencher, and commentary by Danielle Garno), “Volume II, Issue II,” Florida Entertainment & Sports Law Review, April 2023.
  • Natanel Wainer, Nathaniel Otto, and Rachel Coers. Featuring career spotlights on Carron Joan Mitchell, Angela Montag Jones, and Joe Curtis. With commentary by Prof. Stacey Steinberg and Simon Pulman., “Volume III, Issue I,” Florida Entertainment & Sports Law Review, December 2023.

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