Alim Al Ayub Ahmed

Jiujiang University, Jiangxi, China

accounting disclosure, disclosure of financial institutions, financial reporting

About Me

Alim Al Ayub Ahmed has been working in the Accounting School of Jiujiang University. At the Accounting School he is providing his expert support to “Disclosure of Financial Reporting in Corporate Annual Reports of Banking Sector in China” using advanced tools and conducting research support for MS students. Before Jiujiang University Mr. Ahmed has served as a Senior Faculty Member in the Faculty of Business of ASA University Bangladesh since September’ 2010. Professionally, Mr. Ahmed obtained his Ph.D. in “Compliance of Financial Disclosure in Corporate Annual Reports of the Banking Sector in Bangladesh”. He also completed MBA in Accounting from the University of Rajshahi. He has received “i-Proclaim Awards for Publication Citation – 2019” for his significant achievement in Google Scholar Citation. Dr. Ahmed is disciplined in Accounting Information Systems, and his background includes 18 years of being rated as an outstanding university level accounting instructor. He has given numerous talks on incorporating critical thinking into accounting research. His research interests encompass the Accounting Disclosure, Accounting Information Systems, Disclosure of Financial Institutions, and Financial Reporting.


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