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community-based participatory research, science and technology studies, biomedical sciences, biology, medical education, human resource management

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After its independence,  India initiated reforms to promote higher education, science, technology, medicine and research in India. India accounts for about 10% of all expenditure on research and development in Asia and the number of scientific publications grew by 45% over the five years to 2021.  India has only 140 researchers per 1,000,000 population, compared to 4,651 in the United States.  India was ranked 46th in the Global Innovation Index in 2021.

​          The INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR INDIAN SCIENCE AND RESEARCH is not limited to a specific aspect of Science and Research but is instead devoted to a wide range of subfields in Science, Medical and Engineering.

​          Articles and Research Papers should be written considering the state-of-the-art in Biology, Bio-Medical, Medical, Physics, Chemistry, Bio-Technology, Manufacturing, Industrial Instrumentation, Computer science, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics and Chemical Engineering, etc. Articles and Research Papers of interdisciplinary nature are particularly welcome. All papers and articles will be published after peer-review by the committee concerned and experts.

​         The main scope of the journal is to publish original research papers and articles in the field areas of Science, Medical, Technology and Research. This website of the Indian Science and Research was created exclusively to intellectually promote research in India. Various organizations, scholars and researchers from around the world have participated in this organization.

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