Shawn Fields
(Full Professor)

University of San Diego School of Law

legal writing, gender, civil procedure, constitutional law, criminal procedure, criminal theory, jurisprudence, immigration law
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About Me

I am a Professor of Legal Writing at University of San Diego School of Law with scholarly interests in immigration and refugee law, international law, constitutional jurisprudence, civil procedure, and criminal theory.


  • Shawn E. Fields, “Private Crimes and Public Forgiveness: Towards a Refined Restorative Justice Amnesty Regime,” International Journal of Civil Society Law, Spring 2007. Pages 44
  • Shawn E. Fields, “Debunking the Stranger in the Bushes Myth: The Case for Sexual Assault Protection Orders,” Wisconsin Law Review, Spring 2017. Pages 65
  • Shawn E. Fields, “Constitutional Comparativism and the Eighth Amendment: How a Flawed Proportionality Requirement Can Benefit From Foreign Law,” Boston University Law Review, Fall 2006. Pages 60

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