Matthew Pemble

University of Glasgow

Computer Science

information security, digital forensics, it law

About Me

  • Part time consultant, part-time researcher, part-time lecturer.
  • Full time skeptic and cynic.
  • Information security specialising in incident response and counter-fraud.
  • Digital forensics and investigations.
  • More law and regulatory than I care to remember!


  • Mike Harwood, Marcus Goncalves, Matthew Pemble, “Security Strategies for Web Apps and Social Networking,” Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011.
  • Matthew Pemble, “Don't panic: taxonomy for identity theft,” Computer Fraud & Security, 2008, Issue 7. Pages 7-9
  • Matthew Pemble, “Investigating around mainframes and other high-end systems: the revenge of big iron,” Digital Investigation, Jun 2004. Pages 90-93

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