Themis Law Review

Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru

corporations, banking & financial institutions, intellectual property law, antitrust, international trade, contract law, comparative law, law history

About Me

Founded in 1965, THĒMIS-Law Review is the 
oldest legal journal in Peru developed by 
students. At present, the Law Review 
runned by students at the Pontifical 
Catholic University (PUCP), School of 
Law, is also one of Latin America’s most 
notable legal journals.

The Law Review has published or 
translated many notable authors including 
Kelsen, Häberle, Sunstein, Coase and 
Posner, amongst others. 
Relevant subject areas include, but are not
limited to, the law of contracts, law and 
economics, antitrust, international, and 
legal tech. We publish two issues with 
articles written by scholars, practitioners,
and law students.


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