Rebekah Pritchard
(Graduate Student)

University of Tennessee College of Law

international business law, business torts, business law, business organizations, business law & ethics, tax law, federal income taxation, tax policy, state and local tax, corporate tax, administrative law, administrative and regulatory law, trusts and estates, trusts and estates law, antitrust law, wills and trusts, antitrust and regulation, banking & financial institutions, banking law, law and regulation of banking and financial institutions, law and finance, bankruptcy; corporations; corporate finance, bankruptcy law, insolvency and bankruptcy law, commercial bankruptcy corporate law, consumer bankruptcy, commercial law, contracts, contract law, contract theory, corporation, corporations law, real estate, real estate law, labor and employment law, insurance law, government contracts, intellectual property law, copyright law, trademark law, patent law, privacy law, internet law, non-profit law, limited liability company law, partnership tax, oil and gas law, property law, remedies, secured transactions, secured transactions law, securities regulation, securities law, income taxation, workers compensation, transactional law, business transactions, real estate transactions, international business transactions, corporate governance, corporation and enterprise law, mergers and acquisitions, mergers & acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions law, antitrust, trusts and wills, wills & estates, wills trust and estates

About Me

Transactions: The Tennessee Journal of Business Law was founded in 1998 by a group of law students at the University of Tennessee College of Law with the assistance and support of Professor Carl Pierce, then the Director of the Clayton Center for Entrepreneurial Law. The first issue was published in May 2000.

Since that time, the Journal has evolved into the form of a traditional law review.  Transactions aims to publish articles that are both scholarly and practical, addressing issues of importance to those working in the field of business law in the Southeast and nation-wide


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