MaryAnn Grover

University of Richmond Law School

death penalty, criminal sentencing, gender and the law, women's and gender studies, gender equity, equal rights amendment

About Me

Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, MaryAnn graduated with a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Oklahoma City University in 2016. She graduated there with highest honors before moving to Richmond, Virginia to attend the University of Richmond School of Law. While at the University of Richmond School of Law, MaryAnn served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Richmond Public Interest Law Review. She has published three articles and her fourth publication will be released in the Spring of 2021. 


  • MaryAnn Grover, “The First Amendment and the Great College Yearbook Reckoning,” University of Richmond Law Review Online, Spring 2019.
  • MaryAnn Grover, “Jury Sentencing in the United States: The Antithesis of the Rule of Law,” Mitchell Hamline Law Journal of Public Policy & Practice, Spring 2019.
  • MaryAnn Grover, “They Still Just Don't Get It: The Lessons of the #MeToo Movement and Their Impact on Supreme Court Nominations,” Richmond Public Interest Law Review, Spring 2019.
  • MaryAnn Grover, “The Patchwork Quilt of Gender Equality: How State Equal Rights Amendments Can Impact the Federal Equal Rights Amendmend,” Boston University Public Interest Law Journal, Summer 2021.

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