Tam Thanh Nguyen, M.D

FPT University Hanoi Vietnam

Faculty of Business

economics banking and finance

About Me

Mr Tam Thanh Nguyen holds a Bachelor degree in Banking and Finance from University of London, UK and a Master degree in Business Administration from University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Mr Tam Thanh Nguyen is a fulltime lecturer in Economics, Banking and Finance at FPT University of Hanoi, Vietnam. Mr Nguyen Thanh Tam has been working at Department of Business Administration of FPT  University  for  more  than  8  years  and  during  these  time  Mr Tam Thanh Nguyen has always been seen as an devoted lecturer who has often delivered full knowledge of both theoritical and industrial experience to the students of the University. Mr Tam Thanh Nguyen is currently doing research on “Earnings Management” under the PhD program in Hanoi – Vietnam.


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