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Goal of the Journal
The Drake Journal of Agricultural Law is dedicated to the review of legal issues affecting the agriculture industry. The goal of the Journal is to provide a forum to explore contemporary issues in international and domestic agriculture law and bring these issues to the attention of the entire community. The Journal will accomplish this goal by publishing articles written by professors, judges, attorneys, practitioners, students, and others on a national and international level.

What the Journal offers
As the only legal journal from an accredited law school focusing on agricultural law issues, the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law promises to be a valuable tool to anyone concerned with the law’s unique affect on agriculture. Analysis of new legislation and case law coupled with cutting-edge concepts guarantees stimulating reading. The Journal is intended to provide a balance between academic and practical coverage.

Focus and scope
The focus of the Drake Journal of Agricultural Law is to provide a quality publication to benefit the courts, practicing attorneys, professors, students, and others interested in researching international and domestic matters relating to agriculture law. The Journal will also bring important issues developing in domestic and international agriculture law to the attention of the legal community.

Articles and Essays
The Drake Journal of Agricultural Law will contain articles and essays by professors, judges, attorneys, students, and others in the international and domestic agricultural community.


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