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Dr. Brian Southwell is Senior Director of the Science in the Public Sphere Program in the Center for Communication Science at RTI International. In addition, Dr. Southwell is an Adjunct Professor and Duke-RTI Scholar with Duke University, where he has taught courses in sociology, public policy, and documentary studies. He also is a graduate faculty member (in Media and Journalism) and Adjunct Associate Professor (of Health Behavior) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Southwell’s contributions appear in more than 100 journal articles and chapters and his various books, including Misinformation and Mass Audiences, Innovations in Home Energy Use: A Sourcebook for Behavior Change, and Social Networks and Popular Understanding of Science and Health, have been based on social science research. Southwell also is host of a public radio show, The Measure of Everyday Life, for WNCU.


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