Is There a Remedy for Racism?

Posted by Timothy McGettigan, community karma 47

Americans have been obsessed with skin pigment racism ever since the first shipload of Europeans embarked for America. Where the US Constitution mentions people of color it denigrates them. America has always been the land of anti-pigment democracy.

Fanatical as skin-pigment racism may be it is a social construct that people can erect and dismantle by choice. People are alarmingly susceptible to suggestion. When authorities dehumanize groups of people the public often mutely condones their leaders’ prejudices. Once dehumanized, Americans indulge in orgies of violence against officially-designated enemies. To this day, the US celebrates continent-wide genocide under the sacred banner of Manifest Destiny.

The US inaugurated a climate of sadistic violence against people of color at its founding, but the US has never formally ceased hostilities against people of color. The US can terminate racism by officially rehumanizing people of color -- which would entail purging white supremacy from the US Constitution and replacing it with a Universal Declaration of Equality.

Difficult as those objectives might seem, authorities have often mobilized nationwide support for dreadful ideas: Operation Iraqi Freedom offers a shining example. If the US can mobilize around bad ideas, then (at least in theory) the US can also mobilize in support of good ideas. The plain truth is that the US has the power to terminate skin pigment racism at any point of its choosing. It's as simple as this: Bad US policy-making created skin pigment racism and better policy-making can end it. 

The US will not eradicate racism while Donald Trump is in the White House -- because Donald Trump is a racist stooge. By fighting anti-pigment policies, the US will be able to rid itself of racism and the skunks (like Donald Trump) who foment racism for kicks.