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anti-racism, racism, poverty and inequality, social stratification and mobility, history of science, new technology, technology and empire, social stratification

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Racism has destroyed far too many lives for far too long. I know it sounds crazy, but, in our new book, Prof. Earl Smith and I explain how to end racism. The United States claims to be a democracy, but it has always operated like a white supremacy. The way to end racism in the USA is to eradicate the policies that make white supremacy the national norm.

It may seem impossible, but eradicating racism is actually more straightforward and commonplace than most people imagine. When the USA declares war, we "other" or dehumanize our enemies so that we can murder them without feeling like criminals. When wars end, the USA formally ceases hostilities and officially re-humanizes enemy-others. After D-Day heroes murdered Germans. After VE Day only murderers murdered Germans.

Early in its history, the USA othered people of color. The only place where the US Constitution mentions people of color is in the Three-Fifths Compromise (Article 1, Section 2, Clause 3), where the Constitution ruthlessly dehumanizes all non-whites. Ever since, whites have murdered and molested people of color as if they were hated wartime enemies.

As it is currently composed, the US Constitution is a declaration of war against people of color. Since the USA's founding, racists have treated murdering and maligning people of color as a form of recreation. In the few cases where racists have been subject to criminal investigation, they have usually been cleared of all wrongdoing. In a white supremacy, being a person of color constitutes an intolerable offense against the sensibilities of white racists. That is why so many people of color are murdered or arrested for the capital crime of "being black (or other non-white skin color) in public." Racism will thrive in the USA until the USA officially ceases hostilities against people of color just like it ceased hostilities against the Germans and Japanese after World War II.

Racism is a social problem that morally bankrupt white patriarchs created, and it is a social problem that morally upstanding democracy-lovers can eradicate. White supremacy is the problem. Debunking and eradicating white supremacy is the solution.

I would be very happy to talk about the strategy that Prof. Earl Smith and I detail to eradicate US-style racism in our book. In all sincerity, we are more interested in eradicating racism than selling books. If you would like to read some sample pages that summarize the thinking in our book, please let me know and I will be happy to provide them free of charge.

If you prefer to call, please feel welcome to ring me on my cell phone: 719-360-8673

I hope you will join Prof Smith and I in our efforts to end racism before it destroys too many more innocent lives.

By the way, I am serious about providing a free overview of our book. Prof Smith and I don't want to make money. We want to make the streets safe for all Americans. People of color should not have to fear for their lives every time they step outdoors or encounter a police officer. American democracy can be everything that it promises, but only if we terminate white supremacy and the reprehensible racism that it inspires.

Again, don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to learn more about the plan that Prof. Smith and I describe to eradicate racism in our book, A Formula for Eradicating Racism: Debunking White Supremacy.


Prof Tim


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