Scholastica tweets/retweets law review calls for papers using #LRSubmissions

Posted by Elli Olson, community karma 677
Hi law review editors!

If you want to broadcast your law review’s call for submissions and other important news to authors, please use #LRSubmissions when you tweet out information via Twitter. We will be keeping an eye on the hashtag, and can retweet your calls for papers!

We will be sending out an email with more information about the hashtag to both editors and authors soon. In the meantime, your law review should feel free to use #LRSubmissions to: 
  • broadcast when you open for submissions
  • announce reading and decision timeframes (authors will love you!)
  • promote new issues and other journal news

(Is your law review not on Twitter yet? It's easy to get started! Check out our how-to blog post for some helpful pointers to get you started: