The Evolution of Property: Call for Symposium Submissions – Nova Law Review Vol. 48, Issue 3

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Call for Papers

Volume 48 Symposium

The Evolution of Property

 Nova Southeastern University (“NSU”) Shepard Broad College of Law and the Nova Law Review are please to invite article and presentation submissions for the Nova Law Review’s Symposium, scheduled for early April 2024.  The Symposium will revolve around The Evolution of Property.  Property is a major focus of American legal education and the resulting practice of law.  Throughout history, legal scholars have continuously grappled with the delicate balance between evolving societal needs, technological advancements, and shifting perspectives—sparking an evolution of property rights jurisprudence.

The 2024 Nova Law Review Symposium offers a platform for scholars to gather and engage in discussion, exploring the multidimensional and intricate aspects of property rights.  During these discussions, we will examine how property rights have been redefined and taken us from blackacre to blockchain.  The Symposium will explore how traditional notions of property apply to our contemporary society, fostering a lively and educational debate.

Nova Law Review invites academics, scholars, practitioners, and stakeholders to submit proposals for article submissions and panel presentations on topics that will facilitate a nuanced discussion of the evolution of property rights from various lenses.  Our 2024 Symposium aims to publish articles that will contribute to the numerous legal debates and discussions surrounding property rights.  As a result, articles published in the 2024 Symposium Book will range across a wide variety of topics.  These may include but are not limited to:  historical perspectives on property rights, land usage and zoning, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, urban developments, Devillier v. Texas, eminent domain, economic perspectives on property rights, real estate law, and intellectual property.


Please submit materials to

-      Submission Deadline for Articles:  February 1, 2024

-      Submission Deadline for Presentations:  February 1, 2024

-      Estimated Publication Date:  Spring 2024 Semester

Law Review Articles:  

The Nova Law Review will review, edit, and publish selected submissions in the 2024 Symposium issue.  Articles, as well as case studies and abstracts of research in progress, will be considered for the Symposium Event for presentation purposes.  Only complete articles, however, will be published in the Law Review.  Articles will be due no later than the February 1, 2024, deadline.


Presentations (without Publication) Based on Abstracts:  

The Nova Law Review will review and select presentations for the Symposium.  If you would like to present at the Nova Law Review Symposium, without submitting a publishable article, please submit an abstract for your presentation proposal by the February 1, 2024, deadline.

For more information, please contact: 

-      Carolina Machin, Editor-in-Chief, at

-      Luis Duran, Lead Articles Editor, at