The George Washington Law Review Now Open for Submissions

Posted by Emma Hutchison, community karma 69
The George Washington Law Review is now accepting submissions for Volume 88. We look forward to reviewing your articles. 
almost 5 years ago

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Ediberto Roman, community karma 76919
Dear Editor,

My co-author and I recently submitted two articles to your journal. We have since received offers for each. I nevertheless trust you and your fellow editors will have time to review them. I have one deadline on Friday and the other on Monday. The longer article on Rhetoric and the Creation of Hysteria addresses how leaders in the Americas use xenophobic language to create scapegoats that also serve to give the politicians political cover even though ultimately little is done to affect overall immigration numbers. The second article is a shorter piece--Fear and Loathing in Trump's America addresses the impacts of hate speech and bias on domestic policy and its affects on promoting violence. We received an offer from a peer-reviewed journal for the shorter piece and we have an offer from a University of Texas secondary journal for the loner article. Obviously, we would prefer your journal, and it is for this reason why I write to you hoping you and your fellow editors will have time to review the pieces. Personally, I think the shorter piece focusing on Trump will garner considerable attention. In terms of the longer piece, I believe it will take others time to capture what we wrote. 

In terms of my scholarly profile, I have written a few dozen law review articles in many top journals (i.e., Indiana, Houston, UC Davis, Florida); I am the series editor for the legal academy's leading book series--NYU's Citizenship and Migration in the Americas series, I have five books  of my own, and I recently published articles in the primary journals from UF, American, and USC. I would be thrilled if I could add GW to that list. 


Ediberto Roman  
almost 5 years ago
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