Maria Grazia Torresi, J.D.
(Graduate Student)

University of Trento (Italy)

Faculty of Law

roman law, comparative legal history, law review, comparative law, comparative constitutional law, comparative legal systems, international law, constitutional law, law, criminal law, administrative law, corporate law, human rights law, procedural law, european union law, environmental law, law and economics, law and technology, law and literature, constitutional theory, legal theory and jurisprudence, private law, private international law, philosophy of law, criminal international law, history of western legal tradition, criminal roman law, international law and international relations, bioethics & law, tort law, civil liability, mediation, italian law, criminology, criminal procedure, international human rights law, international economic law, international criminal law, international arbitration, international relations, comparative criminal law, comparative legal theory, legal history, legal writing, legal research, legal theory, international private law, privacy law, intellectual property law, criminal law & procedure, roman foundations of european law, family law, trento student law review, university of trento, school of law, law review member, law review editor in chief, commercial law, common law, civil law

About Me

Maria Grazia Torresi is Editor-in-Chief of Trento Student Law Review and J.D. at the University of Trento.

>> The 
Trento Student Law Review is a student-run law journal, established in 2017 at the Law School of University of Trento (Italy).

The Editorial Board consists of Managing, Associate and Visiting Editors selected through a dedicated call at the beginning of each academic year. An Advisory Board operates in cooperation with the Editorial Team.

The TSLR is published biannually with articles both in English and Italian. Articles are subjected to a double blind peer review, after a scientific scrutiny.

The Trento Student Law Review is indexed in the following databases and search engines:


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